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Beaded Bracelets - Handmade Natural Stone and Wood Bracelets for Everyday Wear

Introducing our collection of beaded bracelets, the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Made with high-quality materials, each bracelet is designed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.
Our beaded bracelets are available in a wide variety of styles, from classic and timeless to on-trend and fashion-forward. They're made with a variety of materials, including natural stones, wood, and glass beads, which come together to create unique and beautiful designs.
The wood bead bracelets are crafted with exotic hardwoods such as rosewood, sandalwood and more , which are known for their durability and unique grain patterns. Each piece is carefully hand-strung on a sturdy cord, making it comfortable to wear and perfect for everyday wear.
Whether you're looking for a simple and delicate bracelet to wear alone or something bold and statement-making to stack with other bracelets, you're sure to find the perfect piece in our collection. With the versatility of the materials and designs, these bracelets will make a great gift for any occasion or simply a treat for yourself.
Explore the collection and find your new go-to accessory today!

Everything you need to know

There are a few different ways to determine your bracelet size:
  1. Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure or a strip of paper. This is the most accurate way to determine your bracelet size. Simply wrap the tape measure or strip of paper snugly (but not too tight) around your wrist, and then measure the length.
  2. If you don't have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string or ribbon to determine your wrist size. Simply wrap the string or ribbon around your wrist and then measure the length against a ruler.
  3. You can also use a bracelet you already own as a guide. Measure the inner circumference of the bracelet and compare to a standard measurement chart.
It's important to consider that some bracelets are designed to be a bit looser or tighter than others, for example for some beaded bracelets are meant to have a bit of slack but for bangle-like bracelets tend to fit snugly. So please consider the type of bracelet you are buying before deciding the size. Keep in mind that measuring your wrist size is just a starting point, and the final size of your bracelet will also depend on the style and fit of the particular piece you are buying.
Our bracelets are not only a fashion statement but also a reflection of our commitment to sustainable practices. Each piece is handmade using a combination of natural stones and 100% recycled wood.
The wood used to make our bracelets is responsibly sourced from recycled materials and expertly carved to add warmth and texture to each piece. Wearing one of our bracelets isn't just about accessories, it's about making a statement and supporting an eco-friendly business.
The care instructions for beaded bracelets will depend on the materials used to make them. Generally speaking, it is recommended to avoid exposing natural stone and wood bracelets to water, chemicals, and excessive sunlight. It is also a good idea to keep them away from heat sources, as they can dry out or crack. Clean the bracelets gently with a dry or slightly damp cloth and store it in a dry place.
Yes, stacking multiple beaded bracelets together is a popular trend. Mixing and matching different styles, materials and colors can create a unique and personalized look. It is important to pay attention to size, as well as the overall aesthetic, to create a cohesive look.
It depends on the materials used to make the bracelet. Natural stone and wood bracelets should not be worn in water as they may get damaged. However, some glass and seed bead bracelets can be worn in water. It's always best to check the care instructions for the specific bracelet you own before wearing it in water.