Mr. Woodini - New Collection 2020

Wood and Acetate Sunglasses


    • Acetate Black
    • Acetate Blue Amber
  • Clear

Wood Sunglasses



Wood Sunglasses


    • Black Ebony
    • Rosewood
    • Rosewood Silver Revo
    • Zebra Wood
  • Clear
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Wood Sunglasses



Wood and Acetate Sunglasses



Wood and Metal Sunglasses


    • Black apricot
    • Swiss Walnut
  • Clear

 Wooden Sunglasses
by Mr. Woodini Eyewear

Sustainable Eco-fashion brand

We are an eco-friendly sunglasses fashion brand inspired by our beautiful nature.
The brand created from the desire for innovation and ecological revolution.
We put a lot of effort creating unique, fresh and eco-friendly style for you.
All of our wooden sunglasses are made of 100% recycled wood,
handmade, with a lot of love for people and the environment.

Our Story
our story

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