Origins of Purpose

Imagine it: The year is 2018, and the world is abuzz with conversations about global warming and the urgent call for eco-conscious living. It’s against this backdrop that the idea sparked to life, and Mr. Woodini came into existence. Yep, we’re the new kids on the block, the spirited rebels in town.

An Independent Spark

We weren’t created by some corporate machine. No, sir. We’re fiercely independent, a bunch of creatives, dreamers, and doers who believed that sunglasses could do more than just shield your eyes from the sun. With global warming knocking at the door, we decided it was time to kick conventional out the window.

Revolutionizing Accessories

Our game plan? Simple yet groundbreaking. Take something as hip as sunglasses, the ultimate style statement, and turn it into an eco-friendly trailblazer. Plastic frames? Nah, they’ll stick around forever in landfills. We’re all about kicking that norm to the curb and embracing the unconventional.

Crafting Cool with Conscience

So, we scoured the corners of the world for materials that are as cool as they are kind to our planet. Each frame? Handcrafted with an artistry that’s as unique as you. But don’t be fooled, our game isn’t just about looks—it’s about a new way of thinking, where sustainability meets street style.

Small and Proud

We’re not like those mass-produced, one-size-fits-all brands. Mr. Woodini is all about independence and individuality. Our sunglasses are crafted in small quantities, ensuring each pair gets the love and attention it deserves. It’s not about churning out countless frames—it’s about creating a limited edition of style and sustainability.

Sustainability Rocks

Sustainability and comfort? That’s our jam. We’re not just about making shades; we’re here to shake up the sunglasses scene. Imagine wearing frames that not only make you look fly but also make the Earth smile. They’re built to age like fine wine, naturally wearing out over time.

From Small Seed to Global Beat

We were the underdogs, the David in a world of sunglass Goliaths. Yet, our twist on tradition, our raw materials, and that unapologetic young energy made people sit up and take notice. Today, from small beginnings, we’ve got a global groove. Our sunglasses? They’re making waves worldwide, and we’re just getting started.

James Smog Grey Eco-friendly Sunglasses with Solid Wood arms
Sumatra Transparent Clear Sunglasses

Your Partner in Style and Change

We’re not just a brand; we’re your partner in pushing boundaries. Our shades? They’re like a statement piece that screams, “Yeah, I care about the planet.” Comfortable, chic, and oh-so-light, they’re a nod to a world where style and sustainability high-five each other.

A Future Full of Fun and Purpose

Our journey is a wild ride of innovation, collaboration, and dreams of a planet that thrives. With every frame we create, every choice we make, we’re painting a picture of a future where fashion doesn’t cost the Earth.

Ready to join the revolution?