The magic of nature


Mr. Woodini is an eco-friendly fashion brand inspired by nature.
The brand was born out of a desire to innovate, refresh and integrate a special style in every appearance, using recycled materials and preserving the environment.


Meticulous Design

We measured, sketched, changed, added, and finally reached the result we wanted: Sunglasses frames that are the best fit for you. Now you only need to choose your unique style!

שרטוט המוצר
עץ ממוחזר

Loyal to the Environment

Return love to nature. Our pairs of glasses are made from recycled wood and use environmentally friendly materials. We have not forgotten the coolest eco-craft packaging and the glasses case, which are made from recycled materials.

Hand Made

It is really important to us that you would look at your best, that is why every pair of glasses is hand made with love, while giving attention to the little details.

עבודת יד
Our story

See the world through nature

We use high quality lenses made from type Cr-39 and polaroid, which include a 400UV protection and comply with the strictest Australian standard.


Our wooden sunglasses frames are made of many layers of wood of the highest quality providing strength, durability and protection for each product.